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What readers have said...
This book is not just an awesome addition to my local book collection but an easy to read, informative/educational and extremely helpful guide to overall health and longevity. Thank you Ocean Rock Wellness for trying to positively contribute to a better Bermuda. The work has begun and your efforts and expertise are greatly appreciated. I will re-read this version and try my best to apply the suggestions to my advantage.
~ Respectfully, Dr Mellisa Gibbons Tankard, Educational Psychologist
This book offered easy to follow guidance and recommendations from knowledgeable doctors and practitioners. It is a comprehensive guide to understanding holistic, functional healthcare. And most importantly, why it matters. I also loved the stories they told and the lessons they learned which got them to where they are today. It hits close to home but the practitioners offer their expertise and reassurance. It was easy to read and one I will pass along to each and every one of my family members! ~ Sarah Wight
Many thanks for the excellent book. I’m finding it very helpful. ~ Ivena Laurenceo
I am grateful for your book, it was a wake up call. A jump start for me to get serious about my health and my families health. Easy to apply instructions, tips and recipes. Thanks for the info. and inspiration. ~ Jen
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Meet the Authors
Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot 

• Medical Doctor
• Internist, Pediatrician, Medical Bariatrician 
• Studying Fellowship in Functional and Nutrition Medicine 
• Special Interest in Functional/Integrated Medicine 
• Qualifications: BSc., MD, FAAP, DABOM, DABIM 

Dr. Peets Talbot became passionate about treating the root causes of illness after seeing many patients’ suffer with unexpected or premature medical complications during her residency training. She believes that to improve and optimize one’s health you have to go beyond conventional therapies, such as routine labs and medications. She was the first physician in Bermuda to be trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, which is the acute and chronic disease management for kids and adults. She later finished a fellowship in Obesity Medicine and is currently enrolled in a fellowship for Functional and Nutritional Medicine. She retuned to Bermuda in 2011, and launched her private practice under Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd. in 2015. In her private practice she has been able to advance medical care in Bermuda by offering specialized lab and health testing that are integral in treating conditions from the root cause. She believes that everyone has the potential to be their own health hero, and with the right guidance and education can unlock their health solution.
Dr. Sabrina Famous

• Medical Doctor
• Certified Gluten-Free Health Practitioner
• Studying Master’s in Functional and Nutrition Medicine
• Special Interest in Sports Nutrition
• Qualifications: BSc. MBBS

Dr. Famous obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at Trent University. She attended The University of the West Indies School of Medicine in St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago and completed her clinical training at the UWI School of Clinical Medicine and Research in Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Famous is currently working on obtaining a Master’s Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in conjunction with the University of South FloridaDr. Famous became an advocate for alternative medicine and its integration into medical practice, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She used a raw- food based diet to reverse her diagnosis, and became passionate about using food to heal! She is excited to bring true change to our community, by helping clients to navigate the changes needed to bring about long lasting results.
Beth Hollis

• Physiotherapist
• Exercise Coach and Yoga Instructor
• Certified in Acupuncture and Kinesio Taping 
• Special Interest in Chronic Pain Management
• Qualifications: BHSc, MPT, CKPT

Beth completed her Bachelor of honors in Health Sciences (BHSc) at Brock University St. Catherine’s, Ontario. This was followed by her Masters degree in Physical Therapy (MPT) at Western University London, Ontario. Beth is also a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP). Beth first started working in the wards and in the out-patient Physiotherapy department at KEMH, she later transitioned to her Physiotherapy practice to Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd. Beth has a passion for educating her clients on the origin of pain and how to overcome it, using her certifications in Yoga and Acupuncture. She truly enjoys seeing her clients overcome pain, recover from injuries, and find a new confidence in their bodies.
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